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The Student – the fourth part of the Nova story in English

In less than two weeks, on the 18 November, you will be able too read the fourth part in the Nova series in English. So excited!

Having been wrongfully convicted of robbing a jewelry store, Nova has finally found a new lead in her own, personal investigation. One of the robbers had a tattoo behind his ear. Elvira recommends Nova to pay a PhD student a visit – he might be able to help her find out more about the robber’s tattoo, which in turn might lead to Nova’s exoneration. But her appointment with the student soon takes a different turn. When he reveals his own tattoos, in more or less private areas, the sexual tension grows thicker…

This is the fourth installment of the series about Nova. The Student is a short story of the Erotic Noir genre – thrilling literature with a dash of erotica.

Emma Silver is an alias for an established Swedish author whose books have been translated into several languages. The author often writes about relationships, both in and out of the bedroom. The series about Nova is a new genre for Emma – erotic noir – in which she mixes erotica with a big dash of suspense.


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